We had the best 4th of July weekend not only celebrating this great country but our little boy turning 3! When my husband sprung the idea of having a campfire birthday party for our boy Jax a week before his birthday I was a little hesitant. With my love of decorating, a week hardly seemed like enough time to throw things together! However, I am really trying to tone down my perfectionist spirit and said what the heck! It hardly seems fitting to go with another theme than USA on this great weekend so we gave it another shot! Hope you enjoy some photos from such a special day!

My first attempt at making a cake since going gluten free and boy did it hit the spot!

DSC_1522 copycopy.jpg
DSC_1505 copy copy.jpg

His only birthday gift request was a blue truck...which he happened to pick out himself at Walmart the week before. I know...such a bad mom😁 He had been asking what happened to that truck all week and was thrilled when they were reunited again!! 

This boy wasn't much into pictures and since it was his birthday we let him slide! 

An intense game of kickball...my husband versus the kids☺️

We were thrilled that Kai got to join our crazy family for his very first party! Gosh he is just the sweetest!! 

Jax obviously could not have been more thrilled at the water table he got from his Auntie Deils & Uncle Cody! 

They had a little photobombed that was trying to get in the shot!

And another one! 


What a special day that was! Here's to saying "yes" more often to things and making more memories with the people we love❤ Cheers!