I finally got a chance to sit down and go through the images captured from the day our little girl was born and boy does it bring back some incredible emotions. I just don’t think it can get any better than the day your children are born. They each have their own story and here is Skylar June’s…

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We went in to be induced at 5am on a Friday morning. It was dark, quiet, and I think we both felt like we were in a bit of a dream. I don’t think either one of us really had imagined another baby in our future so the fact that we were headed in to meet the newest member of our family felt pretty surreal.

We had high hopes that this delivery was going to be even quicker & faster than the other two but unfortunately that didn’t happen to be the case. We hit a few rough patches throughout the day, narrowly avoided a c-section, but after 13.5 long hours we finally got to meet our baby girl!

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A huge thanks to all of the staff and nurses at Mercer Health. They worked tirelessly to ensure a safe delivery and took such good care of us during our stay. You ladies are the best!

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These two just couldn’t contain their excitement! Shea was so hoping that he was going to get taken out of school with the big news but unfortunately it didn’t pan out that way. They had waited a long time to meet this special girl and boy were they ready!

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After having 4 girls you would have thought my mom would have been sick of us but that was not the case! She had waited very very patiently after having 6 grandsons to welcome 2 granddaughters to the family this year and I think she was pretty tickled about it 😊

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I am so grateful to my husband for capturing these moments amidst all the chaos of the day. It was one of the best days of our lives and seeing these pictures lets us relive it all over again. I think we all thought that life was pretty great before this girl made her appearance but gosh she has just had a way of somehow making it even better 💗 I will never forget the way my husband melted the first time he looked at her, the way Shea couldn’t wait to get up to the hospital to hold her again, and how we all just couldn’t believe that she was ours and we actually got to bring her home.

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There was something so bittersweet about leaving the hospital to bring her home…like a chapter in our lives had closed. She has made our family so complete and we are so incredibly gratefully for this little miracle baby. God always seems to have a plan and we are sure glad that she was in his plan for us. We all are obsessed with her in every way and I know that will never ever change. We adore you Skylar June! Welcome to the fam!